Unleashing Your Gym Motivation: Practical Tips for Consistency

Unleashing Your Gym Motivation: Practical Tips for Consistency

Struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym regularly? Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and committed to your fitness journey. Discover the secrets to staying motivated and make your gym sessions a rewarding and enjoyable part of your routine. Say goodbye to excuses and hello to a healthier you!

Tips on how to stay motivated


It’s okay to start small, just start anywhere.

Find what works for you and do that. Doing something today is better than the nothing done yesterday. Even if you only work out for 10-15 minutes, that is more than you would have done otherwise. 


Set a goal for yourself.

Setting a goal for yourself can give you something to work towards and help keep you motivated. If your goal is to workout twice a week, then treat it like you would a doctor’s appointment. Put it in your calendar and make it a point to go. 


It’s easier to workout when you have someone to workout with.

Starting your fitness journey and keeping it up can be an easier process with someone to help keep stay motivated and accountable.

3 ways that you can find someone to keep you accountable

Take a group fitness class and work out with others. These classes can help you build a fitness community and make your routine enjoyable.

Group fitness classes open to all levels:

Lower Back and Hip Release Yoga– Join Personal Trainer, Shayne, as he focuses on the psoas, which is the connection point between the upper and lower body. 

Strong Nation-This class combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation.

Barre Yoga– In this class with Marina the use of barre and other props will help you understand the pose and allow your body to slowly increase flexibility and improve the overall functioning of the body, strength and stability.

Work with a personal trainer. Each member (age 13+) gets a complimentary Health and Fitness Orientation session with a trainer. These sessions can be used to start the creation of a workout routine. Members also get discounted pricing on personal training.

Here are 2 of our amazing personal trainers:

Anthony De Leon

Anthony just joined the Personal Training team in June. He has been a personal trainer for over 6 years and specializes in preventative injury, strength training, and physique enhancement. Anthony believes that the strength of the body lies in the strength of the mind.

JCC Los Gatos Fitness Center Personal Trainer, Matt Sandor

Matt Sandor

Matt Sandor joined the fitness team in September and has been a personal trainer for a little over a year now. Matt is a powerlifter and has been powerlifting for about eight and a half years.Matt says his favorite thing about being a personal trainer is helping people reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.

To schedule a personal training session, email membership@jvalley.org. To learn more about the rest of our personal trainers, click here.

Have a workout buddy! Bring a friend to the JCC by taking advantage of our Member Referral Program.

If you refer a friend, and they join the JCC, you get $100 off your next month’s membership dues. Your friend just has to write your name on the referral section of the membership agreement upon joining*.

*Certain terms and conditions apply.