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This level is for kids with little to no experience and who are not water safe. After this level, kids will know how to jump in the water, get air by floating on their back, and be able to swim back to the wall all by themselves! Students will develop a feeling of comfort, fun, and how to play safe in the water. 

  • For ages 3-8 years old
  • 3:1 Student to instructor ratio
  • Students will be able to self save after completing this level

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Sign up for this level if your child can swim around, but needs technique and proper form. 

  • 4:1 Student to instructor ratio
  • What they will learn:
    • Reinforce self save skills taught in Level 1
    • Gain other methods for playing and getting around
    • Learn the basics of freestyle, strong streamline body position, and breathing patterns
    • Learn the basics of backstroke

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This level is for students who can perform basic freestyle/backstroke, want to work on endurance, or transition into swim team. 

  • 4:1 Student to instructor ratio
  • What they will learn:
    • Endurance using basic freestyle and backstroke
    • Breaststroke
    • Butterfly
    • Flip turns
    • Other advanced techniques

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  • For Ages 2-16 yrs
  • 1:1 Student to instructor ratio
  • Will work on any skills and goals relevant to the child’s abilities. 
  • For Semi-Private lessons:
    • Sign up one child for the private lesson, then email aquatics@jvalley.org and we will add the second child and update the price. 
    • Additional $90 for summer session for members/$130 for non-members. 
    • Please send us name and birthdate of additional student. 

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  • Taught by the swim team Head Coach Nikita
  • Sessions are monthly and held every Friday from 5:00-6:00 pm
  • 4:1 Student to instructor ratio
  • Coach will work on each individual’s goals

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  • Group Summer Sessions $140/$180

    All levels of group classes for the 4 day summer session. Member/Non-Member prices.

  • Private Summer Sessions $270/$310

    4 day private summer session. Member/Non-Member prices.

  • Semi Private Summer Sessions $90/$130

    In addition to the above private lesson price above. Please register for the private lesson, and email us to adjust the price/ add student. Include name and age. Member/Non-Member prices.

  • Adult Group Lessons $50/$62.50

    Monthly, hour long, group class. Member/Non-Member pricing is per class. Final price based on how many days in the month.

  • Summer Sessions are from June 6th – July 28th.
  • Summer Sessions are 4 days in a row, Monday through Thursday, for 30 minutes.
    • Back to back lessons reinforce skills.
    • Easy to schedule around summer plans! 
  • You do not need to be a member to sign up! Members have use of our indoor and fresh air fitness centers, group fitness classes, and receive a discount for lessons! 
  • To receive member pricing, your child must be a member at the time of registration and the duration of lessons. 
  • You can cancel up to 14 days before the lesson start date to receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations up to 3 days before start date will receive credit.
  • Cancellations after 3 days before the start date will not be eligible for credit or refund. it. 
  • Send us an email at aquatics@jvalley.org. for any cancellation requests. 
  • No refunds are given for vacations, sick days, or other absences. Unused lessons cannot be refunded or substituted with additional lessons.
  • No makeup classes are given at this time. 



Here at the APJCC Aquatics Center, we’ve created a program where kids enjoy the water as they learn key skills in a safe environment.  We will gently help your child become water safe and develop a strong swimming foundation, all while having fun!

  • Our teachers teach to each students individual skillset, even within a group setting.
  • We will encourage your child if they are fearful, never force them.
  • Our focus is teaching safety from the beginning and building upon those basic skills.
  • Curriculum and methods developed from 30 years experience.

Have questions? Email us at aquatics@jvalley.org or give us a call at (408) 357-7428