Pilates at the apjcc

Pilates is an efficient exercise method that helps you build strength, improve flexibility, and develop balance and coordination. It is a low-impact form of exercise and is an ideal way to reduce stress, improve posture, and get fit and healthy.

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Class Offering 



Offering personalized classes like Pilates Professionals, Master Pilates Professionals, Master Pro Duets
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Allegro Reformer

Small Studio Allegro Reformer

These classes are more personalized than mat classes, reserved in advance, and can hold up to 6 participants
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Group Fitness Class

Mat Pilates Classes: Mostly located in Studio B, these classes use bodyweight and small props to strengthen and train the entire body. Classes are open and free to all members. 

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Please contact us at katier@jvalley.org or call 408.357.7418

If you are interested in our Pilates Program please fill out the form!

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