How Food Affects Your Workouts

How Food Affects Your Workouts

A study from the National Library of Medicine found, “…the integration of nutrition and PA [physical activity] has the potential to produce greater benefits when compared to strategies focusing solely on one or the other.”

Melanie Kim, Nutrition Coach at the JCC Los Gatos, gave some insight on the importance of incorporating nutrition into your fitness journey and some helpful tips for beginners. 

JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer, Melanie Kim.

"It is my personal passion for food and cooking that put me on the path of nutrition science. Through diet changes, I was able to improve my performance in the gym and my overall wellbeing. I strongly believes that health and nutrition are deeply connected."

As you are getting into a fitness routine, you will notice how your diet affects your workouts.

What To Eat Before A Workout

Eating a snack or meal with a mix of protein and carbohydrates an hour before you exercise will give you the fuel you need to get through your whole workout feeling strong and energized. Examples:

  • A banana and peanut butter on whole wheat toast
  • Greek yogurt and blueberries 

What to Eat After A Workout

After you work out, eat a high-protein food like:  hard-boiled eggs, jerky, or beans and quinoa.

Where is the most important place to start with nutrition strategies?

Want to start on your fitness and nutrition goals but not sure where to start? 

  • Plan your snacks/meals with your workouts
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid quick-fix solutions – there is no one-size fits all

Members of the JCC Los Gatos get one complimentary nutrition consultation with Melanie.

As a JCC Fitness Member you get one-complimentary nutrition consultation as part of your membership.  To schedule your first session, or to learn more about nutrition services, visit our website.

Melanie is here to be a support system and help navigate you through your fitness and nutrition journey. If you choose to work with her in an ongoing capacity you receive:

  • 1-hour sessions with a coach
  • Email support
  • Monthly body composition scans
  • Individualized programs and action items (grocery lists, meal plans, & more)