Why Fitness Challenges Work

Why Fitness Challenges Work

  1. Accountability & Expertise: Having a group of like-minded people who are focused on the same goal is a critical advantage to helping you kick start or level-up your healthy habits. Additionally, most challenges are led by a one (or several) trained experts. It is their passion and job to connect with you, work with you, and get you where you want to go in a way that is right for your body and journey.

  2. More than a Workout: Homework, community, and guidance often come with fitness challenges. Creating a lifestyle is about more than the 30-60 minutes of work you put in at the gym. So many factors can contribute to you achieving your goals. You are putting in the work – don’t you want to get the most out of it?

  3. Personalization: While many challenges can seem “one size fits all,” a good program will give you access to a professional that can help you modify and adjust as needed to fit your current level, goals, and needs.

The APJCC’s  New Year Transformation Challenge puts all of these important elements into action.

Throughout the 6-week program you will get:

Two small-group personal training sessions. 

The 1st focuses on an In-body scan, and talking about your goals and progress. The 2nd

The 2nd session of each week = workout time.

  • Receive weekly homework
  • Talks with a nutrition coach
  • Support from your community
  • And much more