The APJCC Aquatics Department offers a variety of programs for adults, including Masters Swim, Coached Workouts,  Aqua Fitness, and Swim Lessons.

This drop-in program provides a structured workout in the pool. Whether you just like to swim, want to improve your stroke, or want a better workout, Masters Swim is for you. No registration is required. Just drop in. Complimentary for Full Center Members.

Must be age 15 or older.

Mon-Fri Ongoing 6:00-7:00am Free $15 per day $25 per day

CM = Full Center Member  SM = Social Member  NM = Non-Member

This is a drop-in program, no need to register.

Want to join our Master’s Program, Swim Team, or train for a triathlon, but don’t know where to start? Our one-hour coached workouts are ideal for swimmers looking to build endurance, work on technique, or get a great aerobic workout coached by one of our swim instructors. For more information or to schedule, contact

Single (1 hour) $67 $77
Private 5-pack $320 $370
Private 10-pack $550 $650

CM = Full Center Member  SM = Social Member  NM = Non-Member

Aqua Fitness classes are run by the JCC’s Group Fitness Department and are complimentary for Full Center Members. Social Members and non-members must pay a day pass fee ($15 Social Members, $25 non-members).

For details about Aqua Fitness classes, see the Group Fitness Schedule. Or contact

Member Story about Heart Health and Aqua Fit

JCC member Phil Beltran sent us this story about his heart health experience and how the JCC’s Aqua Fit program helped him through it.

The APJCC offers 45 minute Group lessons for adults. Whether your goal is to be water safe or improve your strokes, we can help you get there!

For Group lessons, please fill out an Adult registration form to register. Click here to download an Adult registration form.

Adult Group Lessons:

Tuesday 6/4-6/25, 7:00-7:45pm
Tuesday 7/2-7/30, 7:00-7:45pm*
Tuesday 8/6-8/27, 7:00-7:45pm

Thursday 6/6-6/27, 7:00-7:45pm
Thursday 7/11-7/25, 7:00-7:45pm
Thursday 8/1-8/29, 7:00-7:45pm*

Full Center Members $88, and Social Members/Non-Members  $120, unless marked with an asterisk.
* July beginner lessons and August advanced lessons will be priced as follows: Full Center Members $110, Social Members/Non-Members $150.

Schedule some 1:1 time with an instructor and improve your strokes!  Lessons are 30-minutes long.

The Aquatics Department does not guarantee specific days and times for scheduling private lessons.  

To get started, please fill out a Private Swim Lesson Interest Form.

More information: Contact

Single Session $38 $48
5-Pack $175 $225
10-Pack $305 $405

CM = Full Center Member  SM = Social Member  NM = Non-Member