APJCC Pilates: Meet Catherine!

APJCC Pilates: Meet Catherine!

Catherine is one of our amazing Pilates instructors, at the APJCC Los Gatos since February . She teaches Mat Pilates on Wednesday at noon, a small group Allegro Reformer class on Wednesdays at 1PM, and is available for private sessions.
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Life is a celebration! I am passionate about living a healthy life balancing mind, body and spirit. 

Each Pilates class I teach is a flow of perpetual motion. Together we develop your core strength through  form with Pilates props : the roller / the Pilates ring / the small ball.

Feeling fully embodied in your daily movement equals a dynamic and joyous life.

Each of her classes focuses around the pilates principles of being centered, concentrated, practicing breathing control, precision, and alignment.

Catherine believes that injury prevention, peak performance, and holistic health are achieved through consistent Pilates workout sessions. She specializes in working with those with osteoporosis. She also specializes in Pilates modifications for physical therapy clients, Pilates core training, and chair Pilates.

Catherine has over two decades of Pilates training experience. She even has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Dance from Tisch School of the Arts in New York.

May Pilates Power Challenge

APJCC Los Gatos Fitness Center Members:

For each in-person Pilates class you take from May 1, 2023 – May 31, 2023, you will receive an entry for a chance to win one of SIX prizes. Three winners will receive a FREE Pilates reformer session and three additional winners will receive a FREE Pilates Allegro session with our dedicated and experienced Pilates professionals.

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