Meet the Personal Trainer: Matt Sandor

JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer, Matt Sandor

Meet the Personal Trainer: Matt Sandor

JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer, Matt Sandor joined the fitness team in September and has been a personal trainer for a little over a year now. Matt is a powerlifter and has been powerlifting for about eight and a half years. Before becoming a personal trainer, he worked with the Foothill College football team for two months. He played baseball for 13 years at a high level before deciding not to play in college. Matt also enjoys playing golf or volleyball with friends. 

Matt has been on a fitness journey for the majority of his life. He has played a variety of sports throughout his childhood. He became interested in lifting when he was ten years old and has loved it and grown with it ever since. He originally became interested in lifting in order to get stronger for baseball, however, he says he has loved being active and moving from the time he was young. 

Matt says his favorite thing about being a personal trainer is helping people reach their goals and become the best version of themselves. He loves meeting new people and hearing their experiences while also seeing the hard work and progress is amazing.

When asked about the benefits of personal training, Matt says, “Having someone be there on your journey to lead a healthier lifestyle is extremely helpful. A personal trainer will set the foundation and hold you accountable for the decisions you make can do wonders. My goal is to teach you how to workout safely and effectively so that you can workout on your own.”

Matt says his favorite way to workout is to lift weights and play sports with friends. He added that the most important way to workout is to have fun!

Matt is currently accepting new clients. He is open to all but loves working with young adults. If you are interested in training with Matt, please contact to get set up with an appointment.

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