Meet the Personal Trainer: Shayne Smith

JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer, Shayne Smith.

Meet the Personal Trainer: Shayne Smith

JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer, Shayne Smith has been a part of the JCC Fitness Team and a personal trainer for five years. Shayne actually completed his training here at the JCC under our personal training mentorship and learned from over 10 different trainers! 

Shayne says that his time playing hockey when he was younger got him started on his fitness journey. When playing hockey as a kid, he was always the smaller guy on the field. This motivated him to start getting serious about his fitness journey. He started lifting and strength training and sure enough, it worked. He gained 15 pounds of muscle and was much stronger and dominant when he played. 

Shayne says that what he loves most about being a personal trainer is seeing people not only get stronger but feel better about themselves and the hard work they’ve put in. “There is something so rewarding about not only seeing your body change but also your mind and abilities,” he says.

When asked about the benefits of personal training, Shayne says, “Let’s be honest here, working out is weird and not necessarily straightforward. There are a million videos out there now or fitness influencers, quite frankly spewing out nonsense. These people are only in it to get clicks and don’t care if you get hurt doing something silly they are promoting. A personal trainer is there to help you learn how to use the gym safely and give you a large inventory of movements to help you build the skills to not only workout but last a long time in the gym. One injury can set you back a long time and take you completely out of the gym which is exactly what we want to avoid. We want you to get better, healthier and happier.” 

Shayne is currently accepting new clients. Shayne says that he loves taking on middle-aged tech workers and younger athletes. He looks forward to working with those who want to get into better shape and/or are dealing with pain in the lower back, neck, or shoulder. If you are interested in training with Shayne, please contact to get set up with an appointment.

For more info on personal training, visit our Personal Training & Services page.



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