Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Aqua Fit – Pool

Join us in the pool for this non-impact, total body workout. Improve cardiovascular stamina, muscular endurance, flexibility, and range of motion.

Cardio Strength – Tennis Courts

This class utilizes interval training along with hand weights for a strength building total body workout!

Hardcore HIIT – Tennis Courts

This High Intensity Interval Training class is a full body cardio workout that incorporates strength and stability.

Kickboxing – 

Classes include a variety of Boxing/Kickboxing fundamentals such as proper stance, punches/combinations, footwork, and the beginnings of self-defense.

Pilates Mat – Basketball Court

Masks are required to be worn in this indoor class.
Introduce yourself to the fundamentals of Pilates technique (without apparatus/equipment). Focus on alignment, opposition, balance and functional fluid movement from the core’s foundation.

Mellow Flow – Studio A

This class is a simpler, slow-moving flow designed to create expansion in your body, release tension, and encourage the exploration of movement throughout your whole system. This class brings together breath-work, focus, flexibility and mobility to create a balance between a calm mind and a mobile body. Optional props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket.

Spin – Tennis Courts

The class focuses on aerobic endurance conditioning and aerobic interval training, with brief, high intensity bursts that push past your anaerobic threshold.

Spin & Core (50/10) – Tennis Courts

This class is a 50 minute Spin class followed by about 10 minutes of core work and stretching.

Spin & Strength – Tennis Courts

This class will start off with 30 minutes of Spin to get that heart rate up, and conclude with 30 minutes of strength based exercises, utilizing hand weights, to give you a total body workout.

Yoga –

From chair yoga to vigorous vinyasa, the JCC offers a variety of yoga classes curated for a range of levels and needs.

Zumba – Tennis Courts

Ditch the workout and stay for the dance party! Every Zumba class is a fun event. The mix of Latin, top 40 and Hip Hop music keeps you energized.

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