APJCC Pilates: Meet Laura

APJCC Pilates: Meet Laura

Laura is one of our 3 amazing Pilates instructors here at the JCC Los Gatos. Laura currently teaches her Pilates Reformer classes on Tuesdays at 10:00AM.

Laura began her Pilates training during her sixteen-year career as a professional dancer. When a lower back injury forced her to reevaluate her own conditioning, she discovered that regular Pilates training helped her to remain pain free during a hectic performing season. In 2000, Laura’s interest in Pilates deepened when she met Lisa Goldin, who soon became her teacher. Under her supervision, Laura trained in the classical method of Pilates. Laura earned her teaching certificate after four years of working with Goldin. She earned an additional certification from Power Pilates in New York under the supervision of Bob Leikens and Allison Gonzalez, who became her teachers and her mentors. She also holds Siri Dharma Galliano in the same high regard. 

Laura opened her own studio, Pilates 580, in 2004 which closed in 2020, where her clients included Hiram Eugene of the San Francisco 49ers, and swimmer Dana Vollmer, Olympic and world gold medalist. She also worked at Purely Pilates in San Carlos, St. Francis Dance Medicine, and Oakwood Athletic Club. She also worked for the San Francisco Ballet where she  trained students and professional dancers in Joseph Pilates’ original method. Besides teaching Pilates, Lara has been teaching ballet since she was eighteen years old. 

Laura’s specialties include working with dancers and athletes. She also specializes in teaching the original Pilates method, all Pilates Apparatuses, and Pilates Mat. Laura loves teaching Pilates to everyone and specializes in teaching Pilates to men.

If you are interested in taking one of Laura’s Pilates Reformer classes, visit our website at apjcc.org.


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