Meet the Personal Trainers: Justin Hall

Personal trainer, Justin with his dog.

Meet the Personal Trainers: Justin Hall

JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer, Justin Hall joined the JCC Fitness team in August but has been a member of the JCC Los Gatos since 2020. He likes to joke that he is here so often that he asked Stephanie Bloom if he could rent one of the multi-purpose rooms upstairs to live in. While she said no to that, she did say he could join the team as a personal trainer and here we are. 

Justin has always been into fitness but over the last five years he started taking his fitness routines more seriously when it comes to programming for a specific goal, such as getting stronger. His kickboxing instructors taught him the importance of eating healthy and the value of exercise for both physical and mental well-being, and led by example with their dedication. As he grows older, the mental component keeps him into fitness—how it makes him feel, reduces stress, and the people he’s met at every gym he trained in keeps his passion going. 

What Justin loves most about training clients is connecting with and learning from others. He believes fitness is for everyone and says he’s been fortunate to learn so much about the world through conversations with clients. He also loves the opportunity to help people, even if it’s as simple as showing someone an exercise or movement tip. 

According to Justin, there are 2 main benefits to personal training:

  1. Trainers bring a lot of knowledge to the table, which can guide clients through their journey. 
  2. Having a trainer means there’s always somebody in your corner. There’s always someone who wants you to succeed, cares about your goals, and wants you to fall in love with your body and the amazing things it can do.

Justin’s specialties are strength training, weight loss, and performance coaching. In addition, he has a background in kickboxing and would love to hold mitts for any of you as he is currently looking for clients to start around late October. 

If you are interested in personal training with Justin, please contact to get set up with an appointment. Visit our Personal Training page for more info.