In-Body Scan: Go Beyond the Scale

In-body scan, JCC Los Gatos.

In-Body Scan: Go Beyond the Scale

Ever wanted to see a breakdown of how much fat, muscle, and water your body is composed of? Come in for an In-Body scan at the J! 

At the JCC Los Gatos, an In-Body scan starts with a standard weigh-in and then thumbs and heels are placed on sensors that send painless electrical currents through the body to determine your fat, muscle, and water make-up. Then a report of the results is generated and discussed with you by a personal trainer. Each client may take home a printed copy of their results.

InBody TestThe report (pictured right) shows how much of one’s weight is muscle (including skeletal muscle and organs), how much is water, and how much is fat. It also provides information such as Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage Body Fat (PBF), and more! It also breaks down the muscle mass and amount of fat in each arm and leg. 

The In-Body scan is a great tool for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle as it specifies the areas where muscle and fat is stored, and how much. With that, it is helpful in tracking one’s progress on their fitness journey. Weight is only one measurement of health. With the In-Body scan, one can see beyond their weight and pinpoint the exact places where they are improving their health or where improvement is needed. 

Interested in this amazing new fitness journey tool? The In-Body scan is included with the purchase of our nutrition and personal training packages. An individual In-Body scan can be purchased for $45. To schedule an appointment, email Stephanie Bloom at

Get a Complimentary In-Body Scan!
On Wednesday, 11th from 7:00am-12:00pm and 3:00-8:00pm, JCC Los Gatos will be offering complimentary In-Body scans for members.

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