6 Fitness Programs to Incorporate into Your Workout Routine for Great Results

Women on a pilates reformer.

6 Fitness Programs to Incorporate into Your Workout Routine for Great Results

Whether you’re taking the first steps toward your fitness goal or you’re a workout fanatic hoping to enhance your results, a well-rounded fitness program is essential. Being fit will boost your mood, energy levels, sleep cycle, and your immune system, giving you both physical and mental peace.

A complete, safe and effective fitness program must include indoor and outdoor activities, aquatic programs, personal training, and various sports. Flexibility exercises are also essential for maintaining joint range of motion and reducing the likelihood of injury or muscle soreness.

Here are 6 elements you should include in your fitness program to create a balanced routine:

1. Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness, also known as endurance or cardio activity, is the core of any fitness training program. It enables a person to breathe faster and more deeply, which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. The better you get with aerobics, the more efficient results you will see. Try walking, dancing, biking, jogging, water aerobics, or even swimming to combine both moderate and vigorous activities.

We recommend high-intensity interval training with short bursts of intense activity for 30 seconds. For instance, you could try brisk walking with periods of leisure walking or include jogging in your brisk walks.

2. Balance Training

Balance training is good for adults, kids, and teens to include in their exercise routine. This is crucial because balance is likely to deteriorate with age, which can lead to fractures and falls. Anyone can benefit from balance training because it can help stabilize their core muscles. 

3. Strength Training

Muscular fitness is another crucial component of a fitness training program. Strength training can help increase muscle and bone strength, which further helps you manage or lose weight. Aim to incorporate strength training of all muscle groups into your workout routine at least twice a week. 

At the JCC Los Gatos fitness center, you will find resistance machines, weights, and other equipment for strength training. If you’re an active JCC member, you can register for group fitness classes, such as HIIT or PureCore.

4. Aquatics Program

From novice to experienced swimmers, the JCC Los Gatos Pool provides an excellent environment to enjoy swimming with comfort and drive. Swim under the supervision of certified professionals who can teach you swim lessons, Aqua Fit classes, and respond actively during emergencies.

Join a fully equipped community pool in Los Gatos serving children, teens, and adults. JCC’s Aquatic Center is available for free to all members.

5. Pilates Reformer

Pilates reformers can help you maintain overall physical fitness, leading to great strength, flexibility, and balance. If you wish to improve body posture, movement, and physical and mental health, you should give reformer pilates a try. Another major part of pilates is specialized breathing techniques, which add resistance, smooth movements, and strength. 

6. Personal Training

If you’re looking for a training routine and proven techniques to achieve your fitness goals, personal training offers you a variety of options. You can work with a certified personal trainer that will show you how to use equipment properly, make healthy lifestyle modifications, and lead a prosperous, active life.

The Addison-Penzak Community Center in Los Gatos empowers everyone to combine personal gym training, aquatic exercises, health and nutrition coaching, pilates, and strength and balance training, all instructed and supervised by industry experts. We approach each individual’s fitness journey through a personalized approach, leaving you to feel healthier and determined.

The Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center (APJCC) of Jewish Silicon Valley is a Jewish nonprofit community center in Los Gatos that welcomes people of all faiths.

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