Read Our Beneficiary Stories

Last year, more than 5,000 people benefited from JCC programs and services through generous donations. These donations aren’t just numbers — every one of them has their own story. They are children who received preschool scholarships, seniors who found a social connection, low income families who received subsidized JCC membership rates, children with special needs who were able to participate in recreation programs just for them…the list goes on. You can read some of their stories and view a video on our Beneficiary Stories page.


Tribute Gifts

Would you like to make a gift in honor or in memory of someone? Just specify their name in the donation form, and let us know who we should notify.

Matching Corporate Gifts

The Addison-Penzak JCC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is eligible for most Employer Matching Gift Programs. The JCC is not classified by the IRS as a religious organization like synagogues and churches. Rather, the JCC is a civic organization that qualifies under the same IRS code section and paragraph as do the American Red Cross and United Way for tax deductibility of contributions.

We encourage you to contact your employer’s Human Resources Department to make the match. Click here for a list of companies that make matching gifts.

Publicly Traded Stock

Make a transfer to the JCC of publicly traded stock that has appreciated in value, rather than selling the stock and writing a check out of the proceeds. You’ll get to take a tax deduction for the full value of the stock that you donate, and avoid the capital gains tax that you otherwise would have to pay. For easy instructions on how you or your broker should transfer shares of publicly-traded stock to the JCC, please call or email Jennifer Eichholtz, 408.357.7464 or [email protected].

Vehicle Donation

Donating your old car to the JCC is an easy way to support JCC programs and save time too. You’ll receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes. To learn how, see our vehicle donation page.

Corporate Sponsorship

Your business can support the JCC by becoming a member of our Corporate Alliance, “A Mutually Beneficial Proposition.” 100% of your gift is used for the JCC’s community-strengthening programs, while giving your business promotional opportunities in multiple venues every day of the year to the JCC’s 9,000 active participants. Depending on your sponsorship level in the Corporate Alliance, your business can be recognized as an underwriting sponsor of our major community events and enjoy a variety of additional benefits. To learn more, visit our Corporate Alliance page.

Legacy Gifts

The JCC is proud to partner with the Silicon Valley Jewish Community Legacy Project* which encourages donors to make a gift through their will, beneficiary designation in a retirement account, or other means of future gift planning to benefit their favorite Jewish charitable organizations for generations to come.  Tomorrow can begin today with a non-legally binding, but true intention expressed in a written  “Declaration of Intent”.  To create your legacy, contact Nate Stein, the JCC’s Chief Executive Officer at 408.357.7490 or [email protected]. For more information on the Silicon Valley Community Legacy Project, visit

*The Silicon Valley Jewish Community Legacy Project is a collaborative program including community synagogues and agencies to raise endowment funding to benefit and strengthen these organizations and perpetuate our Jewish Community.

Endowment Opportunities

Endowment gifts ensure the future of our JCC is secure and that the richness of our programming and services will be available to generations to come. Your endowment gift will connect you with the JCC’s mission and purpose. Endowment gifts may be made for unrestricted use or may be designated for a specific use. For more information, please contact Nate Stein, CEO, at 408.357.7490 or [email protected].

We at the JCC want to express our grateful appreciation to  the Wolff Family — Kari Wolff, Keith Wolff, Kevin Wolff, and Jean and Lew Wolff — for their commitment to our Preschool and for the establishment of the Cele Stillman and Adele Smith Preschool Scholarship Fund,  a true endowment fund. Families are awarded scholarships annually based on their financial need and circumstances. Additions by anyone in our community to this established fund will grow the capacity of the fund to serve current and prospective preschool families in need.

The Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center of Silicon Valley is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax ID 94-2222989. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For detailed financial information about the JCC, see the About Us page.