10 Most Crucial Rules to Follow During Your Workout

10 Most Crucial Rules to Follow During Your Workout

So many are intimidated by going to the gym, especially since it’s not always clear what the proper gym etiquette is. To simplify matters we’ve written all out so you don’t need to wonder if what you’re doing is correct. So whether you’re a regular with the JCC Los Gatos or a new member we encourage you to look over our 10 most crucial work out rules:

Age and Orientations:

The fitness center is for adults (13 years and older).
Children 12-17 must complete a Health & Fitness Orientation before using equipment.

Time Management:

Maximum 30 minutes on cardio machines when others are waiting.

Phone Etiquette:

No phone calls in the Fitness Room; step into the hallway to take a call.

No phone usage in the Locker Room

Attire and Footwear:

Proper exercise attire and footwear required; no open-toe or heel shoes.

Equipment Use:

Complete a Health & Fitness Orientation before starting a program.

Wipe down equipment and mats after each use.

Report injuries to APJCC Fitness Staff.

Free Weight Area Etiquette:

Use a spotter with free weights.

Use clips on the squat rack.

Do not use clips while bench pressing.

Let others work in while you are using equipment.


Use sanitary wipes to clean machines and benches.


Gym bags not allowed on the Fitness Center floor.

APJCC not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Closing Time:

Fitness Center closes 15 minutes prior to the JCC closing.

Staff Assistance:

If you have questions, seek assistance from our dedicated staff.