Catherine Kirsch

Catherine Kirsch


Life is a celebration! I am passionate about living a healthy life balancing mind, body and spirit. My goal is to instruct safe and joyous Pilates workout. Each Pilates class is taught through the Pilates principles: center, concentration, control, breath, precision, alignment. Each Pilates class I teach is a flow of perpetual motion. In my classes, you will develop your core strength through Pilates exercise forms with the pilates props : the roller / the pilates ring / the small ball.Injury prevention, peak performance, and holistic health – are achieved through consistent pilates workout sessions.  Feeling fully embodied in your daily movement is a dynamic and joyous life.


  • Osteoporosis 
  • Pilates modification workout sessions for physical therapy clients
  • Pilates and core training for special populations
  • Pilates sessions in a chair
  • Pilates workshops and pilates mentoring continuing education programs.


  • True Pilates, LLC – certification – 1994
  • The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning Continuing Education Seminars : 1995 to 2018
  • Scholarship Student :  MFA – Dance & Education 
  • New York University / Tisch School of The Arts
  • Scholarship Student :  BA – Physical Education / Dance / Liberal Arts

Catherine Kirsch

A healthy life is balancing mind, body and spirit