3 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Personal training at the JCC Los Gatos.

3 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Personal training at the JCC Los Gatos has many benefits!

Just like athletic coaches support athletes to develop and excel in a sport, health and wellbeing coaches support all kinds of individuals when it comes to living their lives. They are particularly well suited to help people struggling with chronic medical issues. The coaching process is similar to cognitive treatment, where coaches act as guides for clients, exploring their thoughts and working out solutions for a range of problems through physical fitness.

One major difference between athletic coaches and health and wellbeing coaches is that the individual who is being “trained,” the client, is in the driver’s seat. They set their goals, along with the policies that will help them reach these goals. People tend to hire personal trainers to help them with a broad diversity of health problems, like weight loss, stress reduction, energy level, healthy aging, etc.

Here are three major benefits of working with a personal trainer that you may not have considered.

The Role of a JCC Los Gatos Personal Trainer

Health coaches focus on allowing individuals to live their most fit lives.

A Personal Trainer Has Thorough Knowledge and Expertise

A health coach can bridge the gap between basic information and knowledge-based execution. Health coaches gain proficiency in science based practices surrounding nutrition and psychology. They are experts in how to use screening and valuation measures, as well as how to design and implement agendas.

Most importantly, they carefully consider all aspects of supporting a client’s health journey, including their legal and ethical obligations. They also remain conscious of the limits surrounding their own expertise. For that reason, personal trainers maintain a roster of experts to whom they can refer clients when a need arises outside their scope of knowledge.

A Personal Trainer Helps Reach Big Picture Goals

Another major benefit of a personal trainer is that they help clients determine the larger purpose for making a change in their lives, which is no small feat. Especially when you consider that, in many cases, people seek out personal trainers for a variety of important reasons. Things like avoiding illness, a desire to have more energy, decreasing the effects of stress and life pressures, or overcoming the effects of a physical setback or illness.

When clients are confronted with these types of challenges, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and lose sight of the “why” of health-behavior alteration. This is where a personal trainer can make the difference between success and failure. They are there to remind clients about their big picture goals, and support them on their path to success as they navigate and overcome obstacles.

A Personal Trainer Helps You Design Customized Action Steps to Promote Your Success

A personal trainer can also offer the benefit of customization and planning. They often help clients determine what actions are most imperative at different steps along their health journey. This is because personal trainers respect and consider each person’s unique personal history and perspective. An approach crucial to helping clients select options tailored to their specific reasons for seeking health coaching in the first place, and for identifying an individualized path most likely to lead to their success.

At the JCC Los Gatos, Personal trainers consider all aspects of a client’s goals, whether they want to eat more fruits and vegetables, develop a walking program, or run a marathon. By elucidating these intentions, personal trainers can effectively create step-by-step, individualized action plans.
These are just a few of the benefits of working with a personal trainer. To learn more about the value of things like health coaching, nutrition coaching, and personal training services, make sure to consult a fitness center in your area.

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