Meet Group Fitness Instructor, Joe Sanders

JCC Los Gatos Group Fitness Instructor, Joe Sanders.

Meet Group Fitness Instructor, Joe Sanders

JCC Los Gatos Group Fitness Instructor, Joe Sanders returned to us last month!

We are so glad to have Joe back at the JCC Los Gatos as a group fitness instructor. Joe has been a group fitness instructor for over twenty years. He was certified at the National Council of Exercise Science (NCES). He
also had the privilege to represent the United States in four World Professional Championships. He has learned so much from some of the best athletes and trainers in the States as well Italy and Ireland. 

Joe’s fitness journey started at 11 years-old, when he won his first running race at a Monterey & Pacific Grove 5k. He says he remembers thinking during and after the race that is was the hardest thing he has ever experienced. However, he was so excited when he crossed that line and later learned he won. After that, he started training every day and loved the feeling it gave him. He says that  no matter how his days went, after a workout he always felt his day was better. It made him feel as though he achieved something that made him feel good about himself.

When asked about the benefits of group fitness classes, Joe says, “The benefits are huge! It definitely makes you accountable to get to class. When you get through a few classes, you start to build what I like to call Fitness Momentum. It’s kinda like dominos and both your fitness and motivation build on each previous workout. Not to mention it’s more fun to share in the workout with others. Those that sweat together stay together.”

Joe currently teaches Spin on Tuesdays at 10:30am and on Wednesdays at 12:00pm. Be sure to try out Joe’s amazing workout classes! Click here to view the group fitness schedule.

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