Member Testimonials

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"I have been zooming Zumba since the start of the pandemic. It has really helped me deal with sheltering and distancing. I look forward every day to dancing for an hour with the fabulous Zumba instructors. Thank you for giving me this opportunity."
Terry C.
The efforts and service at the JCC has been very good. Karen at the membership office has been exceptional in getting me back the facility. The whole staff has been working diligently to make it work during his tough time. Thanks for all your help in getting me back to regular exercise. It lifts my spirits.
Tony F.
Thank you for always supporting us members. I personally have been impressed with all that you do, especially during this very challenging time. We are blessed.
Peggy C.
I attend Else's exercise classes at 11:30 four times each week. I have been doing this ever since her classes have gone on Zoom. I love the classes and the convenience of exercising in my own space. Else is an excellent teacher who I can't say enough good things about. She has made her classes part of her family.
Ed B.
Have been taking Else's classes since the start. Wouldn't miss it ever. She and my group make my days brighter. Thanks for keeping it going. I do miss coming to the club. Hopefully soon. Stay safe.
Ron P.
Although I haven't been in the gym for almost a year, the virtual sessions with Lori have been a good substitute. I have two sessions a week in which Lori tailors a workout using the equipment I have at home such as weights, straps, stability ball, etc. I am very much looking forward to getting back in the gym but until then these virtual sessions are wonderful.
Herm G.
Hats off to the JCC throughout all of the closures and protocols with the creation of the apps to ensure that members sill have an outlet for health, fitness, sanity, emotional well being, and a sense of community! I am so grateful to be a member of this mindfully conscious organization weathering all storms to keep the doors open. THANKS!
Jerry B.
Participating in online zooming of classes at the JCC has literally been a lifeline for me. the classes are fabulous and the social interaction on Zoom with others in the class has been delightful. Thank you, thank you.
Marilyn W.
Swimming to keep in shape is what I have done for several years at JCC now. Then after last March, no more. I was getting out of shape an was getting cabin fever, but then I received your email that I could schedule a swim starting June 15th. How great that was! I have been swimming as often as possible since that time. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it.
Juergen V.
Being able to use the pool and the outdoor fitness center has been so important to my physical and mental well-being. The staff goes out of their way to keep everything working smoothly and maintaining our safety at all times. I can't thank you enough for keeping the JCC running smoothly.
Marion K.
I love the Zoom classes!!!! I do Chair Yoga 2 per week and Qi Flow 1 per week on the JCC Zoom and I love both classes. They have really kept my energy up and get my muscles and joints felling great!! My partner swims in the pool 2 hours per week and he really gets great benefits from that exercise.
Carla M.
I am very impressed with the facility. It's hard to find an outdoor gym with all the equipment during the pandemic. the workout time is good with 1.5 hour and there is personnel cleaning of the equipment between every session. They also have an outdoor pool. Unbelievable but it's real! I will recommend this place to my friends. Love it so far!
Hung T.
I love my Zoom classes from JCC. I do Chair Yoga, Qi Gong, and Healthy Hearts. Instructors are fabulous - lots of fun to work with and always help you modify exercises to your ability level. My husband does the outdoor gym 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks to JCC we are staying fit and healthy.
Carol M.
A group from cardiac rehab at O'Connor Hospital, joined JCC about 7 years ago. JCC was welcoming, friendly and accommodated us in every way. We have enjoyed our time here and look forward to many years of enjoyment to come.
Carolyn A.