Yoga at the jcc

From chair yoga to vigorous vinyasa, the JCC offers a variety of yoga classes curated for a range of levels and needs. Scroll down to see class descriptions or try out a yoga video brought to you by one of our teachers! 

Classes are offered both in-person and online.

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Yoga Class offerings

Alignment Based Yoga
Precise alignment of muscles, bones and joints is the main focus. Rather than moving quickly through the postures, you may spend many minutes in one pose and use props to align your body properly.

Alignment Based Hatha Yoga
Suitable for beginners and experienced yoga students, this class focuses on proper alignment and instruction of various yoga poses.

Barre Yoga
Barre Yoga class has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. The use of barre and other yoga props will help you to improve the overall functioning of the body, physical and emotional stability, strength and flexibility.

Chair Yoga
A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair. Suitable for seniors or those with limited mobility.

Flow & Align Yoga
Hatha Yoga and Mellow Flow classes are a simpler, slow-moving flow designed to create expansion in your body, release tension, and encourage the exploration of movement throughout your whole system. 

This class combines yoga postures that move at a gentle pace as well as breath work, meditation and restorative poses to help quiet the mind and calm the body.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga
A slow meditative joyful practice of movement to build flexibility, balance, strength and alignment with the synchronization of breath. Props and modifications available for any person with reduced mobility or limitations. 

Hatha Yoga
An introduction to the foundation of Yoga. Learn poses and breathing techniques, as well as postural alignment.

Vigorous Vinyasa
This class builds heat in the body through dynamic, playful vinyasa flows incorporating sun salutations and/or flows based on standing and balancing poses before introducing apex poses into the flow.

Yoga Flow
Yoga Flow, a true blend of balance, core strengthening and flexibility. Combining meditative, detoxifying qualities with a touch of power flow.

Yoga Fundamentals
Enjoy the fundamentals of yoga practice in a class that is excellent for beginners, or to bring advanced yogis back to the basics of their practice.

Yoga is Therapy
Is a community for healing through yoga. Linda provides a safe place for students to explore their own practice.

Enjoy a taste of our yoga classes

This Flow & Hold class combines the two styles to increase circulation and warmth in the body before deepening your practice.

A slow, gentle vinyasa flow, to release the tensions from your body as your mind focuses on your movement and your breath.