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Jonathan Safran Foer author photo and book coverJonathan Safran Foer, We are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

Monday, October 19 • 5:00pm
Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

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The New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer re-evaluated his meat-based diet–and his conscience–in his powerful memoir and investigative report, Eating Animals. Now, he offers a mind-bending and potentially world-changing call to action on climate change. We Are the Weather is accessible, immediate, and with a single clear solution that individual readers can put into practice straight away.

A significant proportion of global carbon emissions come from farming meat. Giving up meat is incredibly hard and nobody is perfect –but just cutting back is much easier and still has a huge positive effect on the environment. Just changing our dinners–cutting out meat for one meal per day–is enough to change the world.

With his distinctive wit, insight, and humanity, Foer frames this essential debate as no one else could, bringing it to vivid and urgent life.

Yes I Can Say That - book coverJudy Gold, Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians, We Are All In Trouble

In Conversation with Mara Davis, Local Media Personality
Thursday, October 22 | 5:00pm PST
Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

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“No one makes me laugh harder than Judy Gold. If I had to pick one comedian to write a book about free speech, it would be Judy.” – Amy Schumer

In Yes I Can Say That, comedy veteran Judy Gold argues that “no one has the right to tell comics what they can or cannot joke about…. Laughter is a unifier. It’s the best medicine…” For Gold, nothing is more insidious than enforcing silence and repressing jokes—the job of a comedian is to expose society’s demons, and confront them head-on, no prisoners allowed. In ten impassioned polemics, she frames comedy as a tool of empowerment, a way to reclaim hateful rhetoric and battle the democracy-crushing plight of censorship.

Harlan Coben book banner
Harlan Coben, The Boy from the Woods

In Conversation with Emily Giffin, New York Times Bestselling Author
Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Sunday, October 25 • 5:00pm

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A man with a mysterious past is asked to find a missing teenage girl in this shocking thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Run Away. Thirty years ago, Wilde was found as a boy living feral in the woods, with no memory of his past. Now an adult, he still doesn’t know where he comes from, and another child has gone missing.

Book cover - Mike Leven - Can't Do It YourselfMike Leven, Can’t Do It Yourself: How Commitment to Others Leads to Personal Prosperity

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Thursday, October 29 | 5:00pm PST

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $36 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (includes shipping) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Mike Leven, a storied hotel executive and respected Jewish leader, served at the helm of the Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Las Vegas Sands, and other noteworthy hospitality businesses and most recently as the CEO and chairman of the Georgia Aquarium. In his new book, Can’t Do It Yourself, Leven takes the reader on a journey through his life, from growing up in a multi-generational household with Russian immigrant grandparents in a close-knit Jewish community in Boston, through his time in Alpha Epsilon Pi at Tufts University, and then his career as an executive for some of the most noteworthy hotel chains. Each chapter ends with 11 different lessons to live by in business and life. Part memoir, part business book, Can’t Do It Yourself recounts a range of fascinating stories from the late 1930s to present-day.

Sharansky book bannerA Power Through Protest Program
Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy, Never Alone

Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Sunday, November 8 • 10:00am

Tickets: $6 for one virtual ticket/$36 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (includes shipping) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Never Alone is a classic account of courage, integrity and belonging. In 1977, Natan Sharansky, a leading activist for the democratic dissident movement in the Soviet Union and the movement for free Jewish emigration, was arrested. He spent nine years as a political prisoner, convicted of treason against the state. In Never Alone, Natan Sharansky and historian Gil Troy show how Sharansky’s years in prison, many spent in harsh solitary confinement, prepared him for his public life, bringing extraordinary moral clarity and uncompromising honesty to his work as an Israeli politician and the head of the Jewish Agency.

Lunden book bannerJoan Lunden, Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation About Aging

In Conversation with Holly Firfer, CNN Journalist
Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Sunday, November 8 • 5:00pm

Tickets: $11 for one event ticket/$36 for one event ticket and copy of book (includes shipping)  • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

A funny “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for the aging woman, acclaimed journalist and Baby Boomer Joan Lunden delves into various phases of aging in her most candid and revealing book yet. Lunden takes the dull and depressing out of aging, replacing it with wit and humor. Whether you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or more, this book is full of helpful information. Lunden goes where others fear to tread, openly sharing her anxieties and breakthroughs and how she’s coping with the realities of aging—wrinkles and age spots, expanding waistlines, diminished energy (my get-up-and-go got up and went), weak pelvic floors (yes, we’re talking about leaking), hot flashes, disrupted sleep, changes in sex drive (oh yeah, she goes there), ageism (it exists and it pisses us off), and yes, the real reasons we find ourselves always searching for those car keys! Why Did I Come into This Room? explores the science of aging and how it impacts the body and brain.

Book cover - Esther Safran Foer - I Want You To Know We're Still HereEsther Safran Foer, I Want You to Know We’re Still Here: A Post Holocaust Memoir

In conversation with one of her sons — TBD
Opens with Kristallnacht Commemoration — Rabbi Brian Glusman
Monday, November 9 | 5:00pm PST

Tickets: Free virtual ticket or one virtual ticket and one copy of book for $35 (includes shipping) • Click Here For Tickets

Esther Safran Foer grew up in a home where the past was too terrible to speak of. The child of parents who were each the sole survivors of their respective families, for Esther the Holocaust loomed in the backdrop of daily life, felt but never discussed. The result was a childhood marked by painful silences and continued tragedy. Even as she built a successful career, married, and raised three children, Esther felt herself searching. When Esther’s mother casually mentions an astonishing revelation—that her father had a previous wife and daughter, both killed in the Holocaust—Esther resolves to find out who they were, and how her father survived. Armed with only a black-and-white photo and a hand-drawn map, she travels to Ukraine to find the shtetl where her father hid during the war. What she finds reshapes her identity and finally gives her the opportunity to mourn. The poignant and deeply moving story is not only of Esther’s journey, but of four generations of survivors, storytellers, and memory keepers living in the shadow of the Holocaust, determined not just to keep the past alive and imbue the present with life and more life.

Beanland book coverA Two-Author Event: Rachel Beanland and Kristin Harmel

In Conversation with Andrea Peskind Katz
ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Tuesday, November 10 | 10:00am PST

Tickets: $6 or $34 for one virtual ticket and copy of either book (includes shipping) or $55 for one virtual ticket and copy of both books (includes shipping) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Rachel Beanland, Florence Adler Swims Forever: A Novel
Atlantic City, 1934. Renting their house to summer vacationers, Esther and Joseph Adler move into the cramped apartment above their bakery. Now one daughter, Florence has returned from college to spend the summer training to swim the English Channel, her pregnant sister, Fannie, is on bed rest and a young woman emigre from Nazi Germany has joined the crowded the apartment. Esther’s only thought is to keep her daughters close and safe but Fannie’s pregnancy is risky, her husband, Isaac, is a schemer, and Florence’s suitor is the handsome heir of a hotel notorious for its anti-Semitic policies. When tragedy strikes, Esther decides to hide the truth—at least until Fannie’s baby is born—and pulls the family into an elaborate web of secret-keeping and lies. Long-buried tensions rise to the surface, revealing how the act of protecting those we love can turn into betrayal. Based on a true story, Beanland’s family saga is an uplifting portrayal of how the human spirit can endure and even thrive after a tragedy.

Book of Lost Names book coverKristin Harmel, Book of Lost Names: A Novel
Inspired by an astonishing true story from World War II, a young woman with a talent for forgery helps hundreds of Jewish children flee the Nazis in this unforgettable historical novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Winemaker’s Wife. Eva Traube Abrams, a semi-retired Florida librarian, is shelving books when her eyes lock on a magazine photograph of a book she hasn’t seen in sixty-five years and recognizes as The Book of Lost Names. The accompanying article discusses the Nazis’ looting of libraries and the search to reunite people with the texts taken from them so long ago. The book, an 18th century religious text, appears to contain some sort of code, but researchers don’t know where it came from—or what the code means. Only Eva holds the answer – but will she have the strength to revisit old memories and help reunite those lost during the war? In 1942, Eva had fled Paris and in a small mountain town in the Free Zone, began forging identity documents for Jewish children fleeing to neutral Switzerland. But erasing people comes with a price, and along with a mysterious, handsome forger named Rémy, Eva sought to preserve the real names of the children. The records they kept in The Book of Lost Names became even more vital when their resistance cell was betrayed and Rémy disappeared. The Book of Lost Names is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of bravery and love in the face of evil.

Berra book bannerDale Berra, My Dad, Yogi

Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Tuesday, November 10 • 5:00pm

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $24 for one virtual ticket and paperback copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Everyone knows Yogi Berra. The American icon was the backbone of the New York Yankees through ten World Series Championships, managed the National League Champion New York Mets in 1973, and had an ingenious way with words that remains an indelible part of our lexicon. But no one knew him like his family did. My Dad, Yogi is Dale Berra’s chronicle of the unshakable bond with his father and an intimate portrait providing a unique perspective on one of the great sports figures of the 20th Century.

John Grisham author photo and book coverJohn Grisham, A Time for Mercy

Wednesday, November 11 | 12:00 noon
ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $37 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Jake Brigance is back! The hero of A Time to Kill, one of the most popular novels of our time, returns in a courtroom drama that showcases #1 New York Times bestselling author John Grisham at the height of his storytelling powers.

Clanton, Mississippi. 1990. Jake Brigance finds himself embroiled in a deeply divisive trial when the court appoints him attorney for Drew Gamble, a timid sixteen-year-old boy accused of murdering a local deputy. Many in Clanton want a swift trial and the death penalty, but Brigance digs in and discovers that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Jake’s fierce commitment to saving Drew from the gas chamber puts his career, his financial security, and the safety of his family on the line.

In what may be the most personal and accomplished legal thriller of John Grisham’s storied career, we deepen our acquaintance with the iconic Southern town of Clanton and the vivid cast of characters that so many readers know and cherish. The result is a richly rewarding novel that is both timely and timeless, full of wit, drama, and—most of all—heart.

Bursting with all the courthouse scheming, small-town intrigue, and stunning plot twists that have become the hallmarks of the master of the legal thriller, A Time for Mercy is John Grisham’s most powerful courtroom drama yet.

Long Way Home - book coverCameron Douglas, Long Way Home

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Wednesday, November 11 | 5:00pm PST

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $24 for one virtual ticket and paperback copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

From the scion of Hollywood royalty–son of Michael Douglas, grandson of Kirk Douglas–a moving, often shocking, ultimately inspiring memoir detailing his struggle to regain his dignity, humanity, and place in society after many years of drug abuse and almost eight years in prison.

McCloskey Lerman book banner
Jim McCloskey and Philip Lerman, When Truth is All You Have: A Memoir of Faith, Justice, and Freedom for the Wrongly Convicted

Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Thursday, November 12 • 5:00pm

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket/$35 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

By the founder of the first organization in the United States committed to freeing the wrongly imprisoned, this is a riveting story of devotion, sacrifice, and vindication. Jim McCloskey was at a midlife crossroads when he met the man who would change his life. A former management consultant, McCloskey enrolled at Princeton Theological Seminary at age 37. His first assignment, in 1980, was as a chaplain at Trenton State Prison. Among the inmates was Jorge de los Santos, a heroin addict who’d been convicted of murder years earlier and swore that he was innocent. Over time, McCloskey came to believe him. With no legal or investigative training to speak of, McCloskey threw himself into the case. Two years later, thanks to those efforts, Jorge de los Santos walked free, fully exonerated. McCloskey had found his calling. He established Centurion Ministries, the first group in America devoted to overturning wrongful convictions and a team of forensic experts, lawyers, and volunteers. Through tireless investigation and an unflagging dedication to justice—Centurion has freed 63 innocent prisoners who had been sentenced to life or death.

End of October - book coverLawrence Wright, The End of October: A Novel

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Saturday, November 14 | 5:00pm PST

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $35 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

“An eerily prescient novel about a devastating virus that begins in Asia before going global . . . A page-turner that has the earmarks of an instant bestseller.” —New York Post

At an internment camp in Indonesia, forty-seven people are pronounced dead with acute hemorrhagic fever. When Henry Parsons–microbiologist, epidemiologist–travels there on behalf of the World Health Organization to investigate, what he finds will soon have staggering repercussions across the globe: an infected man is on his way to join the millions of worshippers in the annual Hajj to Mecca. Now, Henry joins forces with a Saudi prince and doctor in an attempt to quarantine the entire host of pilgrims in the holy city . . . A Russian émigré, a woman who has risen to deputy director of U.S. Homeland Security, scrambles to mount a response to what may be an act of biowarfare . . . Already-fraying global relations begin to snap, one by one, in the face of a pandemic . . . Henry’s wife, Jill, and their children face diminishing odds of survival in Atlanta . . . And the disease slashes across the United States, dismantling institutions–scientific, religious, governmental–and decimating the population. As packed with suspense as it is with the fascinating history of viral diseases, Lawrence Wright has given us a full-tilt, electrifying, one-of-a-kind thriller.

Raffi Berg book bannerRaffi Berg, Red Sea Spies: The True Story of Mossad’s Fake Diving Resort

Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Sunday, November 15 • 12:00 noon

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket/$35 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets
Inspired the Netflix drama, The Red Sea Diving Resort!

In the early 1980s, on a remote part of the Sudanese coast, a new luxury resort opened for business. Catering to divers, it attracted guests from around the world. Little did the guests know that the staff members were undercover spies, working for the Mossad, Israel’s secret service. Written by longtime BBC Middle East correspondent Raffi Berg, this page-turner tells the true story that inspired the recent Netflix drama The Red Sea Diving Resort. What began with one cryptic message pleading for help turned into the secret evacuation of thousands of Ethiopian Jews and the spiriting of them to Israel.

Veritas book coverAriel Sabar, Veritas: A Harvard Professor, A Con Man, and the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Monday, November 16 | 5:00pm PST

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $36 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

From National Book Critics Circle Award-winning author Ariel Sabar, the gripping true story of a sensational religious forgery and the scandal that shook Harvard.

In 2012, Dr. Karen King, a star professor at Harvard Divinity School, announced a blockbuster discovery at a scholarly conference just steps from the Vatican: She had found an ancient fragment of papyrus in which Jesus calls Mary Magdalene “my wife.” The tattered manuscript made international headlines. If early Christians believed Jesus was married, it would upend the 2,000-year history of the world’s predominant faith, threatening not just the celibate, all-male priesthood but sacred teachings on marriage, sex and women’s leadership. Biblical scholars were in an uproar, but King had impeccable credentials as a world-renowned authority on female figures in the lost Christian texts from Egypt known as the Gnostic gospels. “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”–as she provocatively titled her discovery–was both a crowning career achievement and powerful proof for her arguments that Christianity from its start embraced alternative, and far more inclusive, voices.

As debates over the manuscript’s authenticity raged, award-winning journalist Ariel Sabar set out to investigate a baffling mystery: where did this tiny scrap of papyrus come from? His search for answers is an international detective story–leading from the factory districts of Berlin to the former headquarters of the East German Stasi before winding up in rural Florida, where he discovered an internet pornographer with a prophetess wife, a fascination with the Pharaohs, and a tortured relationship with the Catholic Church.

Two-Author Event
Michael Ian Black, A Better Man: A (Mostly Serious) Letter to My Son & Cleo Stiller, Modern Manhood

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Wednesday, November 18 | 5:00pm PST

Tickets: $11 for one virtual ticket or $32 for one virtual ticket and copy of either book (shipping included), or $50 for one virtual ticket and copy of both books • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Michael Ian Black, A Better Man: A (Mostly Serious) Letter to My Son
A poignant look at boyhood, in the form of a heartfelt letter from comedian, actor, and author, and father Michael Ian Black to his teenage son before he leaves for college, and a radical plea for rethinking masculinity and teaching young men to give and receive love. In a world in which the word masculinity now often goes hand in hand with toxic, Black offers up a way forward for boys, men, and anyone who loves them. Part memoir, part advice book, A Better Man reveals Black’s own complicated relationship with his father, explores the damage and rising violence caused by the expectations placed on boys to “man up,” and searches for the best way to help young men be part of the solution, not the problem.

Modern Manhood book coverCleo Stiller, Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today
Here are a few self-evident truths: Predatory men need to go, sexual assault is wrong, and women and men should be equal. If you’re a man and disagree with any of the aforementioned, then this book isn’t for you. But if you agree, you’re probably one of the “good guys.” That said, you might also be feeling frustrated, exasperated, and perhaps even skeptical about the current national conversation surrounding #MeToo (among many other things). You’ve likely found yourself in countless experiences or conversations lately where the situation feels gray, at best. You have a lot to say, but you’re afraid to say it and worried that one wrong move will land you in the hot seat. From money and sex to dating and work and everything in between—it can all be so confusing! And when do we start talking about solutions instead of putting each other down?

Mimi Lemay book bannerTransgender Day of Remembrance

Mimi Lemay, What We Will Become: A Mother, a Son, and a Journey of Transformation
Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Friday, November 20 • 11:00am

Tickets: Free for one virtual ticket/$35 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Mimi Lemay recounts her memoir of her transgender child’s odyssey, and her journey outside the boundaries of the faith and culture that shaped her.

From the age of two-and-a-half, Jacob, born “Em,” adamantly told his family he was a boy. While his mother Mimi struggled to understand and come to terms with the fact that her child may be transgender, she experienced a sense of déjà vu—the journey to uncover the source of her child’s inner turmoil unearthed ghosts from Mimi’s past and her own struggle to live an authentic life.

Melissa Clark book bannerFor Kids!
Melissa Clark, Kid in the Kitchen: 100 Recipes and Tips for Young Home Cooks

Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Sunday, November 22 • 10:00am

Tickets: FREE for one virtual ticket/$30 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Melissa Clark, the New York Times food columnist and beloved home cooking authority, spins 100 all-new recipes for a robust new audience of home chefs: kids ages 8-14!

Ina Garten book coverIna Garten, Modern Comfort Food

In Conversation with Michael Ian Black, Comedian, Actor, and Author
ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A
Wednesday, December 2 | 4:30pm

Tickets: $45 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Join us for a very special evening with the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, as she dishes up some delicious conversation with comedian and author Michael Ian Black. The two will discuss Ina’s latest, Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, which features a collection of all-new soul-satisfying dishes from America’s favorite home cook!

In Modern Comfort Food, Ina Garten shares 85 new recipes that will feed your deepest cravings. Many of these dishes are inspired by childhood favorites—but with the volume turned way up, such as Cheddar and Chutney Grilled Cheese sandwiches (the perfect match for Ina’s Creamy Tomato Bisque), Smashed Hamburgers with Caramelized Onions, and the crispiest hash browns that are actually made in a waffle iron.

Michael J. Fox book coverMichael J. Fox, No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality

Thursday, November 19  |  5:00pm PST
In Conversation with Harlan Coben, New York Times Bestselling Author
Zoom Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

Tickets: $36 for one virtual ticket and copy of book (domestic shipping included) • Click Here to Purchase Tickets

From renowned actor and advocate Michael J. Fox comes a moving account of resilience, hope, fear and mortality, and how these things resonate in our lives. The entire world knows Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, the teenage sidekick of Doc Brown in Back to the Future; as Alex P. Keaton in Family Ties; as Mike Flaherty in Spin City; and through numerous other movie roles and guest appearances on shows such as The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Diagnosed at age 29, Michael is equally engaged in Parkinson’s advocacy work, raising global awareness of the disease and helping find a cure through The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, the world’s leading non-profit funder of PD science. His two previous bestselling memoirs, Lucky Man and Always Looking Up, dealt with how he came to terms with the illness, all the while exhibiting his iconic optimism. His new memoir reassesses this outlook, as events in the past decade presented additional challenges.