Yoga Videos

Videos from Our Yoga Instructors

The response from the JCC’s fitness instructors during this challenging time has been AMAZING. They have pitched in to help the JCC in all kinds of ways, one of which is to record special workouts to share with JCC members.

Flow & Hold Yoga with Courtney Krishnamurthy
Most yoga classes are either dedicated to keeping the body moving at a quicker pace, such as vinyasa or flow, or they’re very slow and still, such as yin or alignment-based traditions. In this one-hour Flow & Hold class we choose the middle path, incorporating pieces of both styles, so students can increase circulation and warmth in the body before allowing time to refine their practice, focusing on holding asanas for a longer period, allowing the time to focus on what’s happening in the body and mind.


Slow Flow & Restore with Courtney Krishnamurthy
Working through a slow, gentle vinyasa flow, your body will release the accumulated tensions from your day as your mind focuses on your movement and your breath. As you find release from your physical and mental tensions, we’ll move into more restorative postures meant to calm the nervous system and gently relax both body and mind.

For more yoga and meditation classes with Courtney, see her website Om Fairy. She posts new videos frequently.


Morning Flow with Marcela Christjansen
Starting slow and mellow, moving on to a bit more vigorous practice, but as always with the main focus on breath as the guide for the movement.


Gentle Yoga with Marcela Christjansen
A gentle yoga practice that soothes the nervous system, allowing the stress levels to lower so that we can stay healthy, balanced and sane in these challenging times.


Dynamic Flow with Marcela Christjansen
Build stamina, strength and flexibility with this yoga practice.

For more yoga classes with Marcela, see her YouTube channel.