Tu B’Av 2020

Tu B’Av is a Jewish holiday that celebrates love. The JCC is offering several Tu B’Av themed events this summer.

Location: All programs are live streaming online. Links will be sent when you register.

Fee: $10 registration fee gives you access to all the programs listed this page.

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The Evolution of Jewish Marriage

Friday, July 31  |  5:00-6:00pm
The traditional Jewish premarital contract, known as the ketubah, has been used in Jewish weddings for thousands of years. What does it say? What does this tradition imply about the roles of men and women in Jewish families? Is it still relevant today? How does it gel with our modern values? Join artist Anna Abramzon, who has been working with couples of all backgrounds and denominations to create unique custom ketubahs for over ten years, as we explore the fascinating world of Jewish marital traditions. More information: Maya Tripp, mayat@apjcc.org

Tu B’Av Partner Yoga

Tuesday, August 4  |  7:00-7:55pm
Celebrate the start of Tu B’Av with a partner yoga class with a loved one!

Partner yoga is a practice where two people are united by movement, by the connection of breathe and by their bodily communication. In this special Tu B’av class, we will explore the nature of our own practice as well as with our partner’s one, while engaging in a fun, uplifting and energetic partner flow, followed by a short meditation session. On this coming Tu B’av 2020, we invite you to celebrate your love with us, in a unique, compassionate, blissful and supportive atmosphere! Both adults and children are welcome to participate. ***Yoga is preferably practiced with bare feet, comfortable clothes and within at least one hour after a meal.” More information: Stephanie McShurley, stephanie@apjcc.org

Love Songs with Ron Sheffer

Tuesday, August 4  |  8:00pm
Shavit Kaner -Levinson, our Israeli Programs Manager, will converse in English with Israeli musician Ron Sheffer about love and music. Among the love hits that Ron will sing and play on his piano- “You are the sunshine of my life”, “Just the two of us”, “It must be love”, “Something” and more
No registration required. The event will be streamed on the APJCC Facebook page.

Ron Sheffer is a composer, arranger, choir conductor, piano and music teacher, piano and keyboard player and singer from south San Jose. He composes and arranges in many musical styles — from modern art music, jazz, theater music to rock and pop. Ron graduated with his BMus studies in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, composing and arranging for a wide variety of ensembles and occasions. Ron arranges music for orchestras and smaller ensembles, established and conducts the Israeli Chorus “Shir Haemek” (“Song of the Valley”) which performs in the Bay Area, and created “Songs and Games,” a series of educational concerts for children that highlights the best of the rich world of Israeli children’s songs and their composers, working with young local talents to prepare them for performance in front of an encouraging, enthusiastic community.

This event is part of the JCC’s “Tu B’Av: Celebrating Love” series. https://apjcc.org/tu-bav-2020/

More information: Shavit Kaner Levinson, shavit@apjcc.org

7 Tips for Love & Passion in Times of COVID-19

Tuesday, August 4  |  8:30-9:30pm
Tu B’Av is an opportunity to celebrate your connection and love with your partner! If you’re like most couples, then often your relationship takes a back seat to your job, kids, and other responsibilities. This is especially true in these crazy times we live in. You probably find yourself busy “”surviving”” the current pressures of life and have little time for fun and passionate connection. What if there are some simple yet powerful ways to be more intimate that don’t take much time? Join Gal and Liron, a married couple, relationship experts, and founders of The Couples Center for this fun and practical talk in which they share tips they learned from working with hundreds of couples.More information: Maya Tripp, mayat@apjcc.org

Children’s Corner for Tu B’Av

Wednesday, August 5  |  10:00-11:00am
For kids ages 2-8 and their families. Join APJCC Preschool teacher Morah Ora as she reads stories and leads an activity all about love. Families will need access to markers or crayons, scissors, glue, and construction paper. More information: Cyndi Sherman, cyndi@apjcc.org

Tu B’Av Lunch and Learn

Wednesday, August 5  |  12:00-1:00pm
How can we bring more love into our lives and into the world? In this session, we will explore the evolution of Tu B’Av, a Jewish holiday celebrating love. We will then examine a series of stories in which rabbis in the Talmud struggle to balance the love of Torah with the love of their significant others.  More information: Rabbi Hugh Seid-Valencia, rabbihugh@apjcc.org