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The Artist

In the world of Polish children’s illustration, Jan Marcin Szancer is an institution within himself. Drawn with a precise line, meticulously accurate and at the same time, whimsical characters and places all came to life by the skill of Szancer’s hand for over half a century, since the 1920s. Szancer’s paintings spoke to the imagination of subsequent generations of Poles, not only allowing them to move into unknown worlds, but also from an early age shaping their sense of aesthetics and visual taste. Read more.

The Exhibition

Using Szancer’s colorful characters, the exhibition has transformed the biography of the artist into a fabulous, somewhat oneiric narration. The exhibition teaches and encourages children to use one of their most unique features: their imagination. Created by the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland, visitors are able to feel like the heroes of a fairytale, based on important events in the life of the artist. The exhibition is entirely “tangible,” which allows not only for seeing it, but also for participating in and experiencing it.


Sunday, September 19 | 4:00-6:00pmszancer illustration - man

Tour the exhibit, enjoy hors d’oeuvres and join a talk led by our guests:

-Tad Taube, Founder-Chairman of Taube Philanthropies, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in San Francisco
-Jakub Nowakowski, Director of the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland
-Shana Penn, Executive Director of Taube Philanthropies

Fee: The reception is free but registration is required!


Sunday, September 19 | 5:00-6:00pmSzancer characters_fox

What is imagination? Are there any limits to our imagination? Our imagination starts working at full speed, as in the locomotive from Julian Tuwim’s poem. There are around 40 wagons in the train, but the poet only tells us who or what is traveling in 10 of them. What can be hidden in the remaining wagons? Where is this train going?

Artist Marina Paz will lead us in drawing fairytale heroes as we fantasize, idealize and have fun!

Appropriate for ages 5-9 years old.

Fee: $20 per kid (Parent/Guardian supervision required. Adults don’t need a ticket).

Slots are limited.


szanser illustration of wolfOctober 12 | 10:00-11:00am

In this virtual lecture connected to the exhibit, Szancer, Imagine That! you’ll learn about the influence of the Polish Jews on Polish culture and art in the second half of the 20th century. The lecture will be led by a professional from the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland.


The exhibition “Szancer, Imagine That!” was created thanks to the engagement of individuals and foundations from the US, UK and other countries. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport / Culture Promotion Fund, and supported by Taube Philanthropies, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Poland in San Francisco, and the San Francisco-Kraków Sister Cities Association.


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