Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. The InBody scans your body composition by sending a safe, undetectable current through your hands and feet; it does NOT use empirical estimations such as gender and age to predict your body composition. This technology is proven to be highly accurate with other gold-standard methods and is even DEXA scan approved! Each InBody session comes with a printout of your results and up to 30 minutes with a trainer to discuss the data and make recommendations based on your goals. Discover what you’re made of today!

The results sheet includes measurements for:

  • Total and segmental muscle*
  • Total and segmental fat for visceral and subcutaneous fat**
  • Intracellular and extracellular hydration
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Recommendations for fat loss or gain to be in an optimal zone for your specific body
  • Recommendations for muscle gains to optimally support your body
  • *Provides a breakdown of the total muscle in your trunk, arms and legs.
  • **Provides a breakdown of total fat in your trunk, arms and legs.

Full Center Members Not with a JCC Personal Trainer

  • FREE as part of your complimentary Health & Fitness Orientation
  • Single: $45
  • 2-Pack: $85 ($42.50 per session)
  • 4-Pack: $160 ($40 per session)

Full Center Members Currently with a JCC Personal Trainer

  • Single: $35
  • 2-Pack: $65 ($32.50 per session)
  • 4-Pack: $120 ($30 per session)

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