Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Shayne Smith headshot

Shayne Smith

Specialized Professional SPECIALTIES: Pre and Post Rehabilitation Balance, Strength, Flexibility and Pliability Training Core Work Athletics Performance Being a Support System EDUCATION: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) AA in …

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Sharon Robinson headshot

Sharon Robinson

Master Trainer SPECIALTIES: Strength Training Nutrition and Supplementation for increased lean muscle and decreased body fat, toning, and definition Sports Performance Training and Planning, including Marathon, Triathlon, and Bodybuilding EDUCATION: …

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Nikita Chuyanov headshot

Nikita Chuyanov

Fitness Professional SPECIALTIES: Strength and Conditioning for Athletics Sport Specific Training for Competitive Swimming Post Physical Therapy Strength, Mobility and Flexibility Training EDUCATION: B.S Kinesiology, San Francisco State University Certified …

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Lori Barker headshot

Lori Barker

Specialized Fitness Professional SPECIALTIES: Strength, Resistance and Balance Training Weight Management Flexibility and Yoga Baby Boomer Fitness Cardiovascular Endurance Training Aqua Fitness EDUCATION: Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports …

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Else Sinsigalli headshot

Else Green

Specialized Trainer SPECIALTIES: Behavioral Change Specialist Postural Alignment Spinal Health and Bone Working with Special Needs Working with Teens Functional Movement and Core Strength Working with Running Programs and Goals …

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Christina Wilk headshot

Christina W.

Specialized Fitness Professional Please note: Christina is not accepting new clients at this time. SPECIALTIES: Strength and Flexibility Weight Loss Sports Specific Training for Athletic Performance Core Strengthening EDUCATION: BA, …

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Christine Collins headshot

Christine Collins

Master Trainer Please note: Christine is not accepting new clients at this time. SPECIALTIES: Lifestyle Changes Weight Loss, Body Transformation Pre and Post Natal Biomechanics Obstacle Course Race Training EDUCATION: …

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Chris Hintz headshot

Chris Hintz

Master Trainer SPECIALTIES: Working with Active Adults Working with Teens Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Education Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise Training Sport Conditioning and Sport Specific Training Cross Training and …

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Charise Cass headshot

Charise Cass

Master Trainer Please note: Charise is not accepting new clients at this time. SPECIALTIES: Cardio Respiratory Strength Training Functional Training Pilates/Core Yoga Therapy Sport Specific Special Populations: Metabolic, Osteopathic, Neuromuscular, …

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Aaron Hodges headshot

Aaron Hodges

Master Trainer Please note: Aaron is not accepting new clients at this time. SPECIALTIES: Prehabilitation Sports Conditioning Strength Training Biomechanics Olympic Lifting EDUCATION: B.S. and M.A. in Exercise Science, Fresno …

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