My Journey to Health and Fitness
by RoseMarie Mckenney

Like many of you, I have walked the Camino of Life. I have been the support system for everyone. I raised my children, took care of my home, sat behind a desk for years, cared for my parents, and weathered the storms of health problems and damaged body parts that come from a lifetime of work and raising a family.

I recently retired and was finally able to focus on myself. What I wanted most was to find the way back to feeling like the best version of myself and to feel healthy and fit. But first I had things that needed to be fixed before real retirement and enjoyment could begin.

Sadly, my rheumatoid arthritis, which I have been battling for over 25 years, had been very active. It led me to having a fused ankle with a long 6 month recovery and limited mobility. My core strength was at an all time low and I was undeniably overweight. Hence, I went on a quest to find help and support to get me on the right path. I found it at the JCC.

I started my fitness journey with a Professional Fitness Trainer, Bill Yanowsky, who assessed my needs and limitations for fitness training. With Bill’s continued support and encouragement, I was inspired. I worked hard at weekly training sessions, a new diet plan, and keeping a daily food diary which have all contributed to my weight loss success and strength.

Soon after, I began surveying the variety of group fitness classes the JCC had to offer. Each class I attended was excellent. Each instructor was professional, helpful and supportive. I found classes that were best suited for me and added them to my weekly plan: Healthy for Life, Pilates Fundamentals, Cardio Barre, and Sculpt. I also made use of the well equipped gym.

Thanks to my Personal Trainer and outstanding Group Class Instructors, I am happy to share my current success in my first three months. I have gained maximum flexibility in my fused ankle and other joints, lost 25 pounds and my rheumatoid activity score, which range between 1-100, is now at an all time low of 14. My other lab studies have also significantly improved. I am close to meeting my overall goals and I feel great!

Joining the JCC was the best first step into the next phase of my life. I have found a new health and fitness routine with the help of the friendly and supportive staff and members. At the JCC I have found a welcoming community that has helped me along my journey towards a rediscovered sense of self. I am grateful for my experience and look forward to the best rewards of retirement.