Jewbilee 2021 - Session Recordings

The theme of Jewbilee 2021 was Social Justice and Social Action. On this page you can watch videos of some of the sessions that were offered. For more information, see the Jewbilee page or contact

Keynote Speaker: Rabbi Jennie Rosenn of Dayenu

Criminal Justice Reform in Santa Clara County: Why and How

Inspiring Change in Israel

Environmental Action: How You Can Make a Difference

Inequality of Opportunity: The 2 Silicon Valleys

Dismantling the Racialized Wealth Gap: A Step Toward Becoming an Anti-Racist Community

Gun Violence Prevention Through a Jewish Lens

Welcoming the Stranger: Helping Refugees through Tzedek, Chesed, and Tzedakah

Unsheltered in Place: Youth Homelessness and Jewish Action in the Bay Area