strength training at the jcc

The JCC Los Gatos is kicking off its new strength training specialty with a ‘Big 3’ competition.
All levels and abilities welcome! See details below.

Not a member? Come tour our facility!

JCC Los Gatos member lifting a barbell with a personal training.

A one-day weightlifting event for the community.

Sunday, December 11 | 8:30am

Show off your strengths in a ‘Big 3’ weightlifting challenge! Enjoy the fun nature of competition amongst supportive community members. All levels and abilities are welcome (we will provide reasonable accommodation as needed). Family & friends are also welcome to attend and cheer you on.

Open to the community! Non-members welcome.

Registration fee: $25

For any questions, please contact

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Reasons to Join LIFTFEST 2022

  1. To win it all! 💪
  2. Get back in the gym and strengthen my routine 🏋
  3. Meet other weight lifting community members 🌟
  4. I’m here for the free shirt 👕
  5. All of the above.



A member doing a bench press while another member spots him.


Member performing deadlift with trainer.


Member performing a squat with weights.