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Venerable Venice – Virtual Travel

September 9th @ 11:00am - 12:00pm

Forget the long, masked airplane ride. We’ll take you across the time zones by Zoom where a local professional guide from a distant destination will take us to explore sites or topics. Live Q&A, photos, graphics, and video clips (when available) will transport us to the destination! Your ticket purchase helps support our special guests – professional guides – who are mostly or completely out of work right now.

This 4-date series will be held on Zoom. Register here.

Fee: $50/series of 4 visits; or $15/single visit
Registrations are non-refundable & non-exchangeable. Unfortunately single classes cannot be credited to series purchase. To register for single visits, see individual dates in the detailed descriptions below.

For more information, contact Cherie Ravel, cherie@apjcc.org.

Detailed descriptions:

Millions have visited the grand gorgeous and tourist-laden St. Marks Square in Venice. Let us take you to meet and tour with our terrific Laura – a licensed guide since 2000 – on a virtual “stroll” around this historic romantic fascinating city. As a native Venetian she will take us beyond the Square sharing interesting facts about her city – the “Queen of the Adriatic!”

Optional Travel Talk: If you like stay after the class for an additional 30-mins to meet other travel lovers in a small “chat room” and discuss a proposed question or just connect over the topic of the small group’s choice. No need to register for the chat; it will be offered at the end of each class.

The Visits

Venetian Homes (Sept 2)
Quite unique Venetian architecture is a combination of different styles derived from the relationship this maritime state had especially with the East. The palaces the abodes of wealthy merchants still stand in all their beauty and grandeur. Beyond a beautiful surface they were designed to be extremely practical too. Join Laura to learn about their development how they could be built on marshes how they evolved over time and how they functioned from mere huts to grand monuments!
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Foreign Communities (Sept 9)
Towards the end of the 15th century, a French envoy reported that most of the people in Venice were foreigners. Indeed it was a very cosmopolitan city attracting merchants & pilgrims from all over Europe: Greeks Dalmatians Germans Armenians and more settled and acquired Venetian citizenship. Let Laura whisk you away for this fascinating journey to explore the sites connected with these foreign communities and the wise open-minded Venetian politics regarding them.
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The Jewish Ghetto (Sept 16)
For centuries the Venetian economy was based primarily on trade: luxury goods such as spices silk & pigments that were imported from the Middle and the Far East. No wonder the city soon became a real melting pot of different cultures and people: Greeks, Armenians Persians & Turks spent the winter before taking to the sea again to return
home. Many settled on a permanent basis and acquired Venetian citizenship. Laws and regulations regarding different nationalities were issued and in 1516 the Jews were the only ones to be granted their own quarter. Today Laura takes you on a journey of the intriguing history of hospitality and prejudice; important to more deeply understand the origins of this district.
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Lido & the Belle Epoque (Sept 30)
In addition to being the location of Laura’s home Lido is one of the three barrier islands that protect and separate Venice and her lagoon from the open sea. Lido remained rather deserted for centuries; home only to monks and a few fishermen. In the late 19th century ,when science & medicine understood the benefits of sun & sea therapy, everything changed. A very interesting and architecturally graceful urban development attracted elite travelers who spent the whole summer there. Don’t miss this personal peek into Laura’s home island – a rarely-visited gem of Venice!
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September 9th 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


JCC Los Gatos